Team KidzArt

Cheryl Ziliani, KidzArt Franchisee

A graduate of The College of New Jersey with a Bachelor of Science in Management and a Certificate in Human Resource Management, Cheryl started her career in the financial services industry.  Feeling the need to get more involved in her community and thinking it was time for a career change, Cheryl and her husband, Gregg discovered KidzArt.  “Art has always been something for me to admire from a distance because I never considered myself exceptionally artistic.  KidzArt is such a special program because it brings out the artist in all of us and shows us that we all can produce quality art pieces while having so much fun!” 

Since 2007 Cheryl and her team have been bringing the wonders of KidzArt to many different elementary schools, recreation programs, preschools, daycare centers and community events throughout the area.  She enjoys hearing her students tell their friends that there are no mistakes in art and that it does not have to be perfect.  She loves it when her own son and daughter pull out their drawing paper and get ready for some creative surprise Mom is going to show them.  Her heart melts when a KidzArt student runs up to her with their paper and gives her a hug.  She enjoys explaining the KidzArt method to parents when after their child shows them their very first KidzArt drawing, the parent stares in disbelief thinking it must be traced.  And, she enjoys leading a very dedicated group of qualified instructors who believe in the power of KidzArt, the freedom of creative expression and love teaching kids how to draw.        

Gregg Ziliani, Support Staff

Although Gregg has a full-time job in software engineering, he is an indispensable member of our KidzArt team!  As a Certified Instructor, he enjoys teaching KidzArt and is very impressed at the quality program it offers to students of all ages.  As co-owner, he assists Cheryl with strategic planning and lends his technical expertise whenever needed.  Don’t be surprised if you end up seeing Gregg teach a class or two!  He’s got real talent and enjoys participating in the classroom program experience. 


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